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January 2020

Dear all,

My 7-year-old went to watch Beauty and the Beast yesterday, with Southwater 2nd Beavers, and she wanted me to send you the following message:

I really enjoyed the pantomime- I wished it would never end because it was so funny and I laughed really hard! I thought it was much better than Snow White last year. I wished my parents came because it was so much fun. My favourite part was when Belle's Daddy's sister said 'I went to the Dr because I had a lot of wind and the Dr said "Here you go" and he gave me a kite.' It was really funny! And because she changed outfit for nearly every single scene. I liked Gaston's walk because he was walking like a crab and Le Feu said 'It's a good thing that no-one was watching that!'

Thank you all for giving the children such a wonderful afternoon out!

Mairi (Mummy) and Alice (7)

Just wanted to congratulate everyone on such a fantastic last nights show (Saturday 25th). Everyone was amazing - such a fun evening, great jokes - the old ones are still the best. Fantastic costumes and scenery and wonderful cast.

Can’t wait until next year!!



To all involved

Many thanks for an amazing pantomime last night

We invited our neighbours who are normally London dwellers and they were not quite sure what to expect!

You absolutely smashed it!

Fantastic players, wonderful script, amazing costumes and great humour.

We all had a super evening so thank you

Cant wait until next year

Margaret D

I've been coming to see the Barns Green pantomimes for over 20 years and they have always been good. (I guess I wouldn't keep coming otherwise!). But the last few productions have exceeded the previously set high standard, and this year's I believe was the best ever. The script was excellent, and that of course, helps enormously, but it needs talented actors to bring it to life. If there's a better pantomime dame in the amateur (and possibly, professional) world that Graeme Muncer then I'm yet to see them. Neale Francis is superb, (even better than superb this year) and Winks Parrish's comic timing is excellent. Gaston (sorry, I'm writing without the programme notes) was brilliant and a welcome addition to the cast. Beauty, Beast, Warren Blanchard as the Clock Maker, Agatha, Le Fou (?) and all the other main characters were without fault. Indeed, there was not a single performance that was not of the highest standard. Costumes were wonderful as was the set (marvellous innovation to move the scene between the two shops). I cannot speak too highly of the production, in every aspect. I'm smiling as I write, remembering aspects of the show, and my son still enjoys saying 'I can see the future' in a West Midlands accent and then mirroring Gaston's Mission Impossible movement. My brief resumee omits so much that was excellent, but rest assured, everyone involved in the production deserves a massive pat on the back, and a big thank you from my family and friends who attended and enjoyed it as much as I did, and I'm sure from all the other patrons.
Thanks again for a hugely enjoyable Saturday afternoon. I am already looking forward to next year's production and this year's will be an extremely tough act to follow. I spent a number of years in amateur dramatics myself and I know how much goes in to every show. Rest assured that it was well worth it and very much appreciated.
Kevin Bartlett

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