Feedback - 2

Just wanted to say how much we enjoyed the panto last night, it was hilarious & fantastic. Everybody was good but in particular " Mrs. P " & " Captain Cutlass"; he has obviously really studied " Captain Jack Sparrow " & had his mannerisms off perfectly.  Also of course The Chief was very good !!!
We'll keep an eye out for future productions now & will certainly go to more.
Kind regards,
Jean x

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you and the BG Players for another amazing Panto. The 5 of us came and brought another 9 friends from Southwater and everyone wants to come again next year!!! It was fantastic and please pass our thanks to the whole cast for another great show. We had some of the kids (aged 4, 5 and 6 including Oliver) dancing in the aisles!! Great performance and Thankyou again

Please give us your feedback it really helps ! - Thanks

"Really enjoyed it and I certainly know that the Cubs and Beavers did as well.  They even joined in with the banter.  Well done Barns Green Players on yet another fantastic performance."  Karen

First I wanted to say how much mu party all enjoyed the Panto on
Saturday. It was fantastic and as with last year we have all agreed
that we would never go to the panto in Horsham or Worthing again as
the Barns Green panto is so much better !!


The Beavers loved loved loved it!!!!!
They were all still talking about it the following Friday.
They took a little time to wind up (probably because I asked them to behave) but once they knew what to do they were all shouting out and singing.
Nothing bad to say at all. Great atmosphere, great cast and great fun.
Thank you for having us.

I recently saw one of the best pantos ever, Jack and the Beanstalk by the Barns Green Players at the Barns Green Village Hall.
Pure family fun, I had tears rolling down my face at the antics of ‘Silly Billy’, i.e. Graeme Muncer, but really all the cast were just exceptional.
The special effects and sound were of such a high standard, it felt like being in a full theatre production.
The set and scenery - really some very hard work had gone into this, and not forgetting the amazing costumes.
My advice is to book your Barns Green Panto 2016 now or you’ll miss all the fun.

Farhalls Crescent, Horsham

My review of (Not quite) The Three Musketeers

I went to see (Not quite) The Three Musketeers.
It started with the lady who did the intro but she used rhymes.
As it was set in France, everything looked French but the Queen was English. Her dresses were hilarious!
The jokes were really funny too.
The evil Baron von Garlic Breath kidnapped the children and put them in a jail. To open it you had to use a swipe card!

One of the 3 Musketeers entered a cooking contest and did a burnt microwave meal and managed to win!

At the end, the Queen picked some children to throw one of the Musketeers horrible cooking (no offence) in the faces of his henchmen David and Vincent (later in the play they change their names to DOIVE and Vinny).

Basil the pigeon poo’d on the henchmen’s heads which was extremely funny.

My rating 10/10

Leo Harper (age 8)

Thank you so much for the most wonderful evenings entertainment last Saturday - it was panto in the true sense of the word. So many professional pantos are mass produced and lack any true personality and fun but the oppose was true of the Barns Green Players Panto, Not Quite The Three Musketeers. From the opening number to the storyteller with no part to the grand entrance of Queen Stacey, the pace, jokes, songs and general hilarity never let up. It was obvious the whole cast loved being on stage, were happy and totally relaxed ad libbing and actually thrived on the interaction with the audience. The script was witty and fast moving incorporating a Masterchef skit and of course the obligatory custard pies. The finishing touches from flying pigeons, singing meerkats and footballs and of course the obligatory bird poo landing on the baddy's head just showed how much effort, hard work and thought had gone into this production. The costumes were outstanding, so professional, bright and garish - Queen Stacey's dresses were something to behold! The individual performances were all worthy of high praise from dancers to the leads but my personal favourite was Porthos who had outstanding comic timing and should think of taking up comedy professionally.
Thank you all for a superb evenings entertainment - no more expensive professional pantos for me, it will be the Barns Green Players panto production every year!
Fiona Davies


I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night's performance of the (Not Quite) Three Musketeers - it beat any professional production I've ever seen and I'd thoroughly recommend it to anyone. The script was just hysterical, and the actors bought it to life brilliantly. The little deviations from the script made the evening all the more enjoyable.
Thank you all!
Sarah Jackson

I came along with three friends to the panto on Friday and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.
I was trying to upload some feedback, but wasn't sure how.  Incase you wanted it for your website, here goes:
"From the spectacular stage sets and exquisite costumes to the brilliant acting and fantastically witty script, this was quite definitely a five star production and as good as any professional panto I've ever seen.  Well done Barns Green Players."  Emily
Emily Young

I would like to leave you a Review of the Three Musketeers, which I saw last Saturday.
Move Over Les Mis, Watch Out Lord Lloyd-Webber !
The Barns Green Players production of the Three Musketeers swept the stage on Saturday with style. They injected all the fun of the traditional Pantomime into a hilarious musical with a suitably convoluted plot line. All the Panto characters were there but the characterisations crossed over from Allo Allo and Dad’s Army. The result was absolutely hilarious.
As well as strong characters, the music and dances were excellent, being at least as equivalent to anything seen in a normal theatre. Combine this with comedy and banter worthy of a Stand Up and the resultant provided perfect entertainment for all.
You really didn’t feel that this was Am Dram in a Village Hall !
I can’t wait for the next one – indeed Three Musketeers was so good it could probably run and run !

Mark Wellesley-Wood

We all loved your performance of Footlights. It has been a talking point ever since.

You all gave first class performances. The programme was really varied and huge fun! We had a fantastic evening. Thank you so much to you and the rest of the cast. You never fail to impress.

Thank you so much for the tickets for the panto, we all had a great time and considered it the best panto we had seen for a long time.
The updated story line was brilliant and enabled your very talented cast to shine.  Even if they were upstaged by a rat!!!!!!! ( whose appearance in the finale will long be remembered)
The cast had lovely voices and the choice of songs was great.  All in all exactly what a pantomime should be, set in the heart of a village, with a cast of villagers, entertaining all ages.  And of course they all looked lovely in the costumes that you had chosen for them.
If I lived any nearer to you I would be very tempted to join you all.  It was obvious that you all had enormous fun rehearsing and performing.  Do let us know your next production and I am sure we would love to come and see it.
 Thanks again
xx Sandie

You Barns Green Players seem to buck the trend when it comes to local productions to make it seem more like a professional one! Saturday's matinee performance of your 2017 pantomime Dick Whittington was an outstanding afternoons entertainment which I believe was thoroughly enjoyed by all that were lucky enough to attend. How you pulled all the elements together so successfully has to be commended. From the off the cast burst onto the stage in a flurry of colour and song and the cast and crew did not stop for the next three hours.   The actors played their parts to the full and incorporated some superb ad-libs when interrupted by the children which they were....often.  The crew beetling on and off to create a seamless storyline along with the superb costumes and make-up, lighting, sound and set design came together to make such a marvellous show. The script was tightly written with a captivating storyline and plenty of jokes for both adults and children. All in all superb – can't wait for next years!
Huge thanks
Fiona Davies

I just wanted to thank you for a great evening's entertainment on Saturday.  You're never sure what to expect but we certainly weren't disappointed and judging by the reaction of the audience everyone was of the similar opinion.

Great script with some very pertinent upto the minute lines about the Trump allegations - the cast was very strong and certainly the two leads had strong voices to pull off some of those numbers

The panto in Ambridge didn't come close........

Jan 2017


Dear all at Barns Green Players,
Thank you for another excellent pantomime.
Our son, daughter-in-law and grand children from Hereford, plus daughter from Guildford, came to stay with us for the weekend,
for our annual pantomime 'get together', and we all thoroughly enjoyed the matinee performance on the first Saturday.
You capitalise on mistakes with brilliant ad-libbing and my son ('enjoyed'?) having his head tickled by Graham!!
The new scenery changes and effects were excellent and added interest to the show.
Thank you for all your hard work and we hope you also enjoyed the fruits of your labours.
With best wishes from,
Tony and Sonia Summerfield and family

To everyone involved with 'Look Who's Talking';
We saw your show on Saturday evening, dining at a table near the front.
What a lovely time we had watching your very slick performance.
It is so difficult to keep a farce moving to maintain the complex interactions required, but you succeeded brilliantly.
A particularly memorable moment occurred when Brian imitated Carole's voice, and Carole was forced to turn away to gain control,
while Brian somehow managed to continue as if nothing had happened.
The joy of live theatre!!!
Thank you all for such a pleasurable evening of entertainment from Sonia and Tony Summerfield

FANTASTIC performance by all 5!

Timing was first class— why go to the WEST END ?— we loved it!

Di & John Wakely

May 2017

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