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Just got home from Barns Green and just had to drop you a line to say how brilliant that was.

None of us have ever seen an amateur production that came close to that and plenty of professional ones that weren't as good as well. Given that my sister has performed in some seriously high-powered amdrams including one the Queen came to in her private capacity at the Westminster Theatre, that is high praise!

The quality of some of the acting and singing was absolutely amazing and the script was really creative, original and funny and you have every reason to feel very very proud of what you have all achieved. Also the team also excelled on the technical and costume front and there really was no weak link.

We are all looking forward to the 25th May already!

Marcus Robertson and Family


January 2018

I had not been to a Barns Green Players panto before and half expected the usual “He’s behind you!” panto experience of my childhood.  All I can say is my expectations could not have been further from the truth.  This was a panto for all the family with plenty of adult jokes too.  But what really impressed was the sheer professionalism of the production.  I kid you not, this was a West End quality performance, with fine acting and absolutely brilliant singing.  But all this would be for nothing without a top drawer script but this too was absolutely perfect.  Don’t miss next year’s panto, I certainly shan’t.

Village Tweet Editor, Grahame Pearson

October 2018

What a fantastic show! Such talented players and production team.
We travelled down from Rutland to stay with the Fullerton's (Graeme's aunt &uncle) and to be entertained by the Barnes Green players was the icing on the cake.
Many thanks to all involved.
Colin and Janet Heasell

Dear BG Players and supporting crew

What a brilliant show you put on last night; we'd never been to one of your productions before and were hugely impressed. You have some wonderful voices, a lovely array of talents and everyone on stage has great presence. The show surely deserves to be staged in a bigger venue so more can enjoy your amazing work.

Thank you for giving us a thoroughly enjoyable evening and very best wishes for the remaining shows. I'm sure we'll be back for your next production, though how you follow this I don't know!

Warmest regards
C.A Horsham

July 2019

What can I say? Brilliant! I can see what you mean by 'technical challenges' – the rain was amazing. As it was raining outside, for a few moments I thought the roof must be leaking until I twigged. Great fun and for me it made a nice change from the pantomimes which are the only other BGP productions I had seen until now. We both loved the food concept which added another dimension; it was nice to meet other people on the shared table.


Grahame Pearson


Utterly, utterly, brilliant performance! I absolutely LOVED it and have never experienced such technical wizardry!

I was introduced to Winks and “Mr Elwood” afterwards  and I told Winks how I had adored her. We also met “Jake” (sorry didn’t bring programme home for real names) who was superb and so funny, and he told us something of how you circulated and collected the “rain”.

Well done and thank you


Rosie Wyer

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