(not quite) The Three Musketeers

Director - Neale Francis 

Producer - Nigel Currie

Dates -  January 15th/16th and 22nd/23rd 2016

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By Gerrie Cluin


Close to Paris, Queen Stacey of the Kingdom of Malodeurs is facing a crisis.  The ambitious and evil Baron Garlicbreath with the help of his two henchmen has been capturing the village children to use as slaves and is threatening to take over the Kingdom for his expanding business empire. The Queen advertises for some guards to help protect and defend her Kingdom but her advert is answered by the Three Musketeers, who aren’t quite what she expected and seem to prefer food to fighting.  The Queen and her beautiful daughter, Princess Chantelle turn to their old and trusted friend D’Artagnan to help them.  He arrives and with a little help from a Magic Pigeon concocts a plan to save the day.  Will the plan work?  Will the children be rescued?  Will the Queen keep her Kingdom, Will D’Artagnan get the Princess? And who will win Masterchef?!!!!!!    



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