Sherlock Holmes

Director - Graeme Muncer 

Producer - Nigel Currie

Dates -  January 19th/20th and 26th/27th 2018

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By Nigel Currie


In Dartmoor, Devon, Lord and Lady Babbacoombe live at Babbacoombe Manor with their daughter Rose and son Billy.  Billy is in charge of Babbacoombe Farm.  Rose is very fond of young Harry Holmes who is staying with the Babbacoombes and helping Billy to run the farm. Their idyllic life is being spoilt by a recent spate of burglaries and very strange and unexplained events.  Many of their neighbours have lost property and livestock and have been forced to leave the area.  Everything has started to go wrong since Professor Moriarty moved into Baskerville Hall.  He has been buying up property and land all over Dartmoor and his intention is to also get hold of Babbacoombe Manor. Inspector Morrison and the local police Sergeant Morris and Constable Minor seem totally inept and don’t seem able to solve the crimes.  There is also a strange beast roaming Dartmoor, the hound of the Baskervilles, which is being blamed for killing all the farmers’ livestock.  There have been a few unexplained burglaries at Babbacoombe Manor. Harry Holmes announces that he has a famous uncle, Sherlock Holmes who he will try and get to come to Devon to help solve all the mysteries. To add to the chaos, the Babbacoombe’s are hosting this year’s big annual talent competition, Devon’s got Talent! 
Will Sherlock Holmes come to Devon to help?…..If so will he be able to solve the crimes?  Why can’t the local police solve the crimes? What is it that’s so strange about Inspector Morrison? What is Professor Moriarty really up to? Will Rose and Harry fall in love…..and who will win Devon’s got Talent?  All will become clear 


Sherlock Holmes the Panto
FootLights October 2016

Tickets are available from the 1st November from the box office. 


or 01403 731566

Tickets are just 8 and 12 each
Performances information available once tickets sales are live.

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