Dick Whittington

Director - Neale Francis 

Producer - Nigel Currie

Dates -  January 13th/14th and 20th/21st 2017

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By Nigel Currie


In a poor part of London, a shoemaker, Walter Jones lives with his wife and beautiful daughter Petula. Walter’s brother, Professor Cyril Jones lives next door.  He, along with his assistants, Bodgit and Fixit are always trying to invent things in their laboratory, usually without success!  Dick Whittington who lives with his Aunt Maud is sent to London to make his fortune.  He travels to London with his beloved cat Whiskas and stays with the brothers.  Together with another relative, the evil Countess Anastasia Kitov from Russia, they get the chance to find some hidden treasure. However, Anastasia and her daughter Tatania helped by her secretary, Natasha Veribooch and some evil KGB minders have a dastardly plan to doublecross Dick and his friends and get all of the gold for themselves. 
Will the goodies get the gold back? Will Anastasia and her cronies escape by boat home to Russia?  Will they ever find Whiskas? W W W W W W Will Walter’s stammer ever get cured?  Will the Professor, Bodgit and Fixit ever invent anything useful?  Will Dick get the girl? Will there be any good jokes this year?  And who is Will?
All WILL be revealed  



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