Cast List

Rosie Rumple - Red Riding Hood            Daniella Blanchard
Roxie Rumple                                        Neale Francis
Reggie Rumple                                      Warren Blanchard
Granny Grabbit                                     Tracey Francis
Gertrude                                               Jan Critchley
Count de Cash                                       Graeme Muncer
Cringe                                                   Hazel Bailey
Cower                                                   Winks Parrish
Prince Rupert                                        Kat Filby
Sternum                                                Adam Tingley
Lead Chorus and Assistant MD              Jenny Bailey
Chorus                                                 Bridget Tidey
                                                           Ellen McLeod
                                                           Hazel Darby
                                                           Amber Griffin
                                                           Jess Hart
                                                           Imogen Hart
                                                           Georgia Burrell
                                                           Rachel Cooper
                                                           Mollie Mills
                                                           Annie Bristow
                                                           Laura Cherriman
                                                           Andrew Bird
                                                           Conor Barclay
                                                           Jack Woods
                                                           Lynda Filby
                                                           Elliot Boyd 
                                                           Cameron Muncer

Woodland Creatures                              Ella Hamlin
                                                           Gemma Pratt
                                                           Ross Muncer
                                                           Lauren Buckman   



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