Director - Graeme Muncer 

Producer - Nigel Currie

Dates -  January 17th/18th and 24th/25th 2020

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Tickets are available from the 1st November from the website. 


Tickets are just 9 and 13 each
Performances information available once tickets sales are live.


In Villeneuve, not far from Paris, a beautiful young girl, Belle lives with her father who is a clockmaker. The village is dominated by Gaston a former soldier who has a huge ego and an eye for the ladies. His sidekick LeFou works for him and organises all gaston’s business and other matters. Gaston is desperate to marry Belle but she is not interested in him. One day a Prince arrives in the village from the castle in Borgogne with his two assistants, Lumiere and Cogsworth. They have travelled to Villeneuve to get the Prince’s favourite clock fixed by Maurice, Belle’s father. However, the Prince and Belle get on well and when Maurice tells Gaston that he will never marry his beloved daughter Belle, Gaston and LeFou realise that they have to take drastic action to win over Belle. They hatch a devious plan which involves Agatha, on old witch with mysterious magical powers. They plan to put a spell on the Prince, the castle and all those that live there.

Will their plan succeed? What will happen to all the wonderful characters who work for the Prince at the castle? Will Lumiere and Cogsworth ever stop fighting? Will Gaston win over Belle?



Nigel Currie

The Pantomine

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Beauty and the Beast

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