July 2019




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 Performances at Barns Green Village Hall

All tickets are just 11.00 each or 88 for a full table of Eight.
Doors Open 7.00pm with the Performance starting at 8.00pm (Evenings)

@ Barns Green Village Hall

By Nigel Currier

Director : Neale Francis




Somewhere in Surrey, Shingley Hill Allotments is not doing very well. There is not much interest and commitment from a lot of the allotment holders and it is in a bit of a state.  The exception is Margaret Ellwood.  She prides herself on her allotment which is looked after by her long suffering husband, Eric.  She despairs at the way that Shingley Hill Allotments is declining.

Then, the Inspector of allotments from the council unexpectedly turns up.  He has been sent on a secret assignment to assess Shingley Hill allotments as the council are looking to redevelop the site. He gets to know Margaret and also meet some of the unusual characters who have allotment plots at Shingley Hill.  He sees how bad things have become and lets slip to Margaret that the Council have plans!  Margaret, much to the frustration of Eric, decides to take matters into her own hands.  She decides to reform the Allotment Committee.

Margaret decides that there is going to be a big shake up at Shingley Hills Allotments – things are going to improve and she plans a grand relaunch.  A lavish function to show off to everyone just how good Shingley Hills actually is.  There is lots of detailed planning and jobs are allocated.  Various dignatories including the local MP are invited to the great re-launch.

Will it all go to plan? Will it be a success? Will Margaret save Shingley Hill Allotments?

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